2018 – Epic month-long journey by land, sea and air

Australia is everything you could imagine. The people are incredibly friendly, the animals incredibly bizarre and the landscape incredibly vast.   The Tasmanian devil is real and koalas are not actually bears.  New Zealand is a lost paradise where a nearly extinct parrot nests on the ground because there are no natural predators and the movie set of Hobbiton seems strangely real.   The Great Barrier Reef has a scale second to none. One month just was’t enough time to see everything.

Means of travel: one month on a cruise ship from Singapore to Australia and New Zealand and additional flights within Australia to visit Carins and Port Douglas to access the Great Barrier Reef

Places visited in Australia:  Freemantly/Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Tasmania and Cairns & Port Douglas to access the Great Barrier Reef.

Places visited in New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, and Picton.