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Last year’s travel included the Dead Sea and Petra in Jordan, and the pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Luxor and Abu Simbel in Egypt. Kimberly also traveled to Canada and Bermuda in 2017, and spent almost 2 months traveling throughout Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in 2018. She then moved on board a French sailing yacht full time and has sailed throughout the Sea of Cortez.

“Travel is about learning the history and culture. My inspiration came largely from using my Dad’s collection of National Geographic magazines for school projects.  We didn’t have the encyclopedia collection like most of my friends did; we had National Geographics.  One of the most awe-inspiring moments was when I was in Pompeii and had the feeling of deja vu. Imagine my gasp when I realized that  I was standing in the exact spot as the National Geographic photographer stood for the iconic photos in the publication on my bookshelf. ”

“Travel is about meeting new people, learning their culture and respecting it. In Africa, one of my tour guides had never tasted pizza, didn’t have a refrigerator but did have a fancy giant screen TV complete with satellite dish. The women carried water from the river in buckets on their heads each morning. They were always smiling, laughing and enjoying. At the end of my trip, my group and I donated our best hiking gear to the tour guides and their families – a gesture that was deeply rewarding.”

“Travel is about tasting the best food in the world! Sometimes, I can remember or reference a place just by the food I ate there.  I’ve had authentic Wiener schnitzel in Austria, sipped banana beer in Tanzania, had molten Death-Star chocolate dissolving dessert on a cruise ship and so on. I love to photograph it. In China, when no-one else spoke English, I just photographed my favorite dishes and then showed my photos to the waiters so I could get the same thing again!”

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What’s Next?

Snow skiing in Whistler, BC, Canada or perhaps a bucket list expedition from Argentina to Antartica!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

– While many have claimed this phrase in modern days as their own, Chaucer wrote it in the 14th Century in The Canterbury Tales